• Dr. Daniel Laino examines the injured hand of a patient at the clinic.
  • Swedish Community Specialty Clinic Manager, Tom Gibbon, meets with staff to discuss ways to increase the impact of the clinic on the surrounding community.
  • Dr. Daniel Laino meets with a patient about a recent injury.
2013 Recipient - Mission Leadership Award

Swedish Community Specialty & Dental Clinic


For many under-insured or uninsured families and individuals in King County, access to quality care is a huge barrier to health.  Uninsured families rely upon emergency rooms to meet their primary care needs, while even those under-insured who have a primary care provider may have limited access to important advanced medical care.

In alliance with Project Access Northwest, the Swedish Community Specialty Clinic was created to meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable individuals and families, by providing access to the highest quality specialty care services in the greater Seattle area.

At the core of this partnership are more than 300 dedicated general surgeons, orthopedists, cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists, and many other specialists. Each physician has committed to treat between one and four new patients each month, providing comprehensive care to meet all of the patient’s needs.

In addition to providing specialty medical care, the clinic heard from the surrounding community that many uninsured families were in need of critical dental care as well. As a result, three dental operating suites and a referral network through the Swedish Community Specialty Clinic were established with more 30 volunteer dentists and oral surgeons.

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